Friday, October 17, 2008

Used Books

Speaking of used books (as we were), one of my favourite ways to waste a little time no matter where is to get lost among the wares in a used book store. You get the nicest surprises sometimes. (But it hurts a little when you find your own work, not used but second hand, and in almost pristine condition.) But I digress.

At the most recent used book sale of the HPL, I came across a small vollume of E. B. Browning's SONNETS FROM THE PORTUGESE. There is a name blacked out on the inside of the front cover; the cover is cracked at the front of the spine. That's all that is wrong with it.

It is chocolate brown in color with gold lettering. It was published in New York by Avenel Books with no date given and an unattributed introductory note.

Each sonnet appears on a left page with the facing page carrying an illustration (black and white) by one Fred A. Mayer. They look very much like scissor cuttings and probably are.

This little volume has found a place in my library and my heart.

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annaken said...

Well, who wouldn't love used book stores, especially at Central Library! One could spend a ton of money but alas, lacking that and the available space in this small apartment, I must pass up many lovely books!

This time I only went once time, usually I go twice as I miss so many interesting the first time!