Friday, July 10, 2009

Lovers Through the Years

I bought a collection of love songs and sonnets (Everyman's Library) last week and thought I should post something about love poetry. I read a fair selection of the poems and was struck by the way poets and lyricists had not changed all that much in their approach, both in imagery and language, to the expression of love over the centuries. My dilemma became finding a context for my own remarks. That happened tonight. During the regular crawl of art gallery openings, several times I crossed paths with a couple who seemed just as interested in the new displays. What's more, they acted like young lovers have always done: holding hands, cuddling, whispering to each other. The difference was that they appeared to be physically so different from the regular patrons.

Dressed in blacks and reds. Faces and eyes in stark makeup. brightly dyed hair. They looked as if they had stepped out of an alternative culture, but they were here. And they were in love. And in any way that counts they were no different from any one else in love and appreciating art.
Art and love through the ages haven't changed. No matter how it appears to the eye or the heart, art retains its original functions; and no matter how it appears to the eye or the heart, love hasn't changed.

Not in its experience by human beings, not in its appearance in artistic expression, not in lovers who care for each other. Good art and good poetry mirror this.

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annaken said...

Good morning Jefferson,

I have never been on the Art Crawl here in Hamilton but I am sure it attracts many different types of folk!

Youth and young love is beautiful to see as it is full of promise and hope. It would seem that this young couple have their chosen way of life in common. By going to different events, such as the Art Crawl, they are building up memories which hopefully will last them a lifetime together.

In other words, they are sharing life.

Doesn't a writer share life with his/her readers as well? The writer writes because she loves to write, and hopes that a person who reads her work will also get something out of it as well.

Alternatively, it is grand to see an elderly couple walk hand in hand, each one helping each other.

In fact, in my view, that is the test of real love, not puppy love. Puppy love is exciting, but love that endures is something to be cherished.

It is good that there are writers and artists who express people's most intimate thoughts and feelings!